You can attend my online courses if you’d like to learn more about certain topics to increase your happiness and health. They contain video lectures on the chosen topic and include practical tips for you to try out your newly gained knowledge in your everyday life.

Including meditation and mindfulness in your life

Meditation and mindfulness have a myriad of scientifically proven benefits for our mental as well as physical well-being. That’s why they should be as naturally included in our daily routines as brushing our teeth is – because they are as crucial for our overall health as dental hygiene is for our teeth.
Therefore, this online course will teach you about their potential positive effects on your life. In addition, you will learn about and experience more than 16 meditation techniques so you can find the one (or the ones) that resonate with you the most. The course will also help you make meditation practice a part of your lifestyle and support you in dealing with the possible challenges of meditation.
Included are 24 guided meditation audio files of various lengths to help you get started.

Positivity course:
Boost your happiness!

In progress, coming soon!

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