my name is Alina, and I would like to accompany you on your journey.


I understand well-being as affected by every single area of our lives, which is why I approach health holistically. In my work, I focus on the domains of nutrition, exercise, social relationships, emotional life, and the connection to nature. Moreover, I am distancing myself from a deficit-oriented view and taking on a positive perspective: Increase what makes you healthy and happy instead of just decreasing what harms you.



My education

I got my master’s degree in psychology at Radboud University in Nijmegen (Netherlands) and have gone through quite a journey myself since then, personally as well as professionally. I took several further training and read lots and lots of books and research papers so that by now, I’m not only a psychologist, I am

  • a life coach, 
  • plant-based (vegan) nutritionist, 
  • vital substance adviser, 
  • relationship counselor, 
  • child development counselor,
  • positive psychology practitioner, 
  • meditation and mindfulness teacher, as well as 
  • a forest and nature therapist.


certificate vegan
certificate Akademie
Certificate teacher

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