In our fast and hectic lives today, we need balance, peace of mind, and relaxation more than ever. One approach to stress management is mindfulness. But mindfulness, meditation, and yoga practice do so much more than just relieve stress. They are true well-being boosters.

Positive mindfulness training

This training combines mindfulness with positive psychology. You’ll learn how to focus on the here and now and increase your positivity. You’ll experience full attention and attunement to the moment and practice incorporating this attitude into your everyday life. The training includes little “life lessons,” positive psychology exercises, different kinds of guided meditations, awareness practice, and simple yoga postures.

The training consists of 8 weekly sessions of 90 minutes each.


Guided meditation

In the guided meditation sessions, we’ll explore different meditation techniques (e.g., focused, mindfulness, movement, mantra, or metta/loving-kindness meditation) and help you integrate regular meditation practice in your life.

Guided meditation can take place in person or online,
one-on-one or in a group session.


If you’d like to learn to meditate and be mindful, you can also check out my online course Including meditation and mindfulness in your life in English or German.


In yoga sessions, we focus on asana practice (postures). Most sessions are a combination of gentle stretches and powerful and strengthening poses. You can explore different yoga styles (e.g., Hatha, Yin, or Vinyasa). Mindfulness and attentive breathing also play a crucial role during sessions.

Yoga lessons are taught in a group, either in person or online. Depending on your needs and time, you can participate in a short session (50 minutes) or a long session (90 minutes). Note the schedule to choose a yoga class.


Are you interested in learning to teach others how to include meditation and mindfulness into their lives?

Check out the online trainings at the Living Health Academy!