We are a part of the nature of this world, and nature is part of us. Somehow though, we’ve lost our connection to nature, and with that, we lost the health benefits it offers. Nature has a powerful impact on our body and mind and can also help us gain valuable insights. That’s why nature therapy is so rewarding.

Shinrin yoku: forest bathing

Shinrin yoku originated in Japan and it means breathing or taking in the atmosphere of the forest. It has scientifically proven healing effects on the body and mind. A few examples of these effects are stress reduction (e.g., lower cortisol levels), relaxation (enhanced parasympathetic activity), lower blood sugar levels, reduced blood pressure, increased natural killer cells, and generally heightened immune activity. In forest bathing, we use all of our senses and combine mindful experiences of the forest with gentle physical activity in the open air.

To benefit from its positive effects, forest bathing needs to take at least 3 hours; 6-hour sessions are also possible. Groups consist of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 people.


Nature therapy

In nature therapy, we use different natural spaces and their effects on us to work on specific questions or issues you would like to explore. Being out in nature can intensify the personal experience of connecting with yourself.

Nature therapy sessions can take place in various natural spaces, depending on your needs and wishes. Because of the individuality of the sessions, the duration can vary greatly; a minimum of 90 minutes is needed, though. Nature therapy always happens one-on-one and in person.

Environmental sustainability guidance

Destruction of nature and climate change are happening, but there are many “little things” as well as big steps you can take to help limit further damage to our planet. In a personal conversation, I can help you establish changes in your everyday life that you are comfortable with and that match your individual needs.

We can talk in person, online, or on the phone. A conversation in a small group is possible as well.

Would you like to learn to teach others how to reconnect with nature?

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