Living Health: An Holistic Approach to a Lifestyle Promoting Longevity, Well-Being and Happiness

In this book, I describe the five pillars of health I postulate, their underlying mechanisms in the body, and their effects on our well-being. The first pillar is nutrition: you will learn how the wrong food can make you sick and how the right food works wonders within your body. The second pillar is exercise: you will get to know how moving your body makes you healthy and feel good. The third pillar is mental and emotional well-being: it is about reducing stress in your life, becoming self-aware, self-confident as well as self-controlling, and growing on a personal level. The fourth pillar is about social relationships: you’ll learn how vital social connections are (loneliness can make you sick!) and how you can improve your relationships with others. Finally, the fifth pillar is nature: you’ll learn how important it is for our well-being to (re)connect not only with the natural spaces around us but also with the human nature within us. 

Furthermore, you will find helpful tips on creating a health-promoting lifestyle in every one of these areas to increase your chances of living a long, healthy, and happy life. 

This book integrates often neglected or hushed knowledge from several disciplines on what influences health and well-being into one. While doing so, it highlights the individuality of every person and the importance of learning to listen to one’s own body. 


In German only – English version coming soon!

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